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Cadet Promotion Documents

Items needing to be updated have been found in the current promotion documents previously provided to cadets, and there have been also some questions as to specific requirements on some ranks.

The promotion documents have been updated to better articulate the specific promotion requirements for each rank, and the senior members believe these updated documents clarify both the requirements and the corresponding CAP source of the requirements.

Updated Promotion Documents
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Phase 1 – The Learning Phase

Achievement 1 – Cadet Airman (C/Amn)
Achievement 2 – Cadet Airman 1st Class (C/A1C)
Achievement 3 – Cadet Senior Airman (C/SrA)
Wright Brothers Award – Cadet Staff Sergeant (C/SSgt)

Phase 2 – The Leadership Phase

Achievement 4 – Cadet Technical Sergeant (C/TSgt)
Achievement 5 – Cadet Master Sergeant (C/MSgt)
Achievement 6 – Cadet Senior Master Sergeant (C/SMSgt)
Achievement 7 – Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (C/CMSgt) – Part One
Achievement 8 – Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (C/CMSgt) – Part Two
Billy Mitchell Award – Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/2d Lt) – Part One

Phase 3 – The Command Phase

Achievement 9 – Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/2d Lt) – Part Two
Achievement 10 – Cadet First Lieutenant (C/1st Lt) – Part One
Achievement 11 – Cadet First Lieutenant (C/1st Lt) – Part Two
Amelia Earhart Award – Cadet Captain (C/Capt)

Phase 4 – The Executive Phase

Achievement 12 – Cadet Captain (C/Capt) – Part Two
Achievement 13 – Cadet Captain (C/Capt) – Part Three
Achievement 14 – Cadet Major (C/Maj)
Achievement 15 – Cadet Major (C/Maj) - Part Two
Achievement 16 – Cadet Major (C/Maj) - Part Three
Ira C Eaker Award – Cadet Lieutenant Colonel (C/Lt Col)

Phase 5 – The Pinnacle

Carl A. Spaatz Award

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